Moana is a self-confessed political junkie whose lyrics are rooted in the NZ landscape, culture and experience, inspiring her to ‘produce her own blend of traditional and contemporary styles without compromising either” (NZ Herald).

Formed in 2002, Moana & the Tribe have played hundreds of stages in Budapest, Istanbul, Moscow, Berlin, Toronto, Venice, Shanghai and Toronto, including the Sydney Opera House twice. An Art Laureate, Moana beat 11,000 others to win the International Songwriting Contest with her song “Moko.”

Her 5th album RIMA was a finalist across all 3 major music awards in 2015 and a Top of the World Album (Songlines UK). Pretty good for someone who never made the front row of her school kapa haka. Not that Moana bears a grudge. Honestly.

Not Alone –

Whole Worlds Watching –